The Institute has separate laboratories for Data Analytics, Physics, Chemistry, Textile Chemical Processing, Textile Testing, Weaving & Knitting and Garment Construction.

  • Data Analytics lab is equipped with cutting-edge software and hardware for comprehensive data exploration and analysis.
  • The Physics lab is equipped with modern technology apparatus that helps carry out experiments providing practical knowledge to the students and ensures divergent scientific thinking.
  • The Chemistry Lab is equipped with necessary apparatus and chemicals required for practical training.
  • The Textile Chemical Processing lab provides real time training to the students on colorization technology that includes dying and printing. The lab is well-equipped with textile instruments and equipments that imparts practical training on specialty finishing of textile materials.
  • The Textile Testing lab is equipped with testing facilities right from fibre to yarn testing that enables the students to indulge in innovative projects in textile domain.
  • Weaving and Knitting Lab is a place where the students apply their skills on weave manipulation. The students are trained on the weaving and knitting sequences so that they can work on the machines to create pattern on their own.
  • The Garment Construction Lab is equipped with a total of 50 industrial sewing machines including lock stitch, over lock, flat lock machines, fashion maker and computerized embroidery machines that enables providing hands on training in designing versatile garment styles.


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